The Level 5  Higher Nationals Diploma (HND) is a two year course. During your first year you will study a Level 4 Higher Nationals Certificate (HNC). Upon successful completion of the first year, you will progress onto the second year to study the Level 5 HND which will then enable you to progress onto Level 6 Degree Top-Up programme at many Universities.

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Full-time. 5 pm to 8 pm + autonomous study.


Level 4 and level 5 (240 credits)


18 to 24 months


€420,00 per month.  

Tuition fees exclude registration fees  €490.00 


Classroom and project classes. It also includes online classes.


1 Month in Portugal 

1 Month in the UK 

Diploma in Music Production


Through an exciting and challenging mix of vocational and academic projects, the HND in Music Production prepares students for a fulfilling career in the music industry; be that from a technical or creative perspective. As developing professionals in music production, this course enables students to stay ahead of the competition with the best training, experiences, and opportunities available.

The Music Production course combines performance, technology, composition, audio, and industry skills to deliver a multifaceted music education. Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced producer, songwriter, DJ, performer, or engineer, this course provides you with comprehensive practical skills and knowledge to make a career in the industry.

You will be trained and mentored by industry experts who are currently working as music producers, audio professionals, recording artists, and music creators, as well as learning from artist managers, studio engineers, and live sound technicians. 

You will master a variety of software applications and be mentored in small-sized classes, undertaking fundamental units in audio recording, digital audio workstations, music performance, digital and electronic instruments, music technology, and music business management. Music Production students also work closely with students from other courses to gain a well-rounded understanding of processes involved in the music industry. 

The Higher National Diploma in Music Production provides its learner the realistic and appropriate career-related opportunities worldwide for 21st-century employment markets.

Why Choose Music Production?

If you dream of a career as a Music Producer, Composer, DJ, Performer, Songwriter, Sound Designer, or as an Electronic Music Producer, Film & Media Composer or Gaming & Interactive Mixed Media Specialist, the Music Production course is for you.

Practical Work

In Music, Production students are encouraged to develop a range of important skills which are transferable to any walk of life. 

The course is designed to replicate the Music Production working environment, therefore you will; Gain a broad understanding of business and be able to study selected areas in more depth. Develop skills, knowledge, and understanding in business. Have an opportunity to apply learning in a practical and realistic way. Follow a programme of study which enables progression to both higher education and employment within the business. Develop personal, learning, and thinking skills, which are highly valued by employers and universities. Gain confidence through developing independent learning skills.


Higher National Diploma in Music Production

The Level 5 HND in Music Production requires two years’ study with the College. Throughout the course, you will be required to complete 15 core, optional and specialized modules (eight in year 1 and seven in year 2).

To achieve the qualification, a student must have completed units equivalent to 120 credits at level 4 and 120 credits at level 5 and scored at least a pass in 105 credits at level 4 and 105 credits at level 5, amounting to 210 + credits.

You will study the following units:

Course Structure - 1st Year

YEAR 1 - Level 4 HNC

Unit 1 - The Music Industry

Unit 2 - Marketing and Promotion for Musicians

Unit 3 - Professional Development

Unit 4 - Applied Sound Principles

Unit 5 - Recording Technology

Unit 6 - Creative Software Techniques

Unit 7 - Music Production Fundamentals

Unit 8 - Live Sound Techniques

Course Structure - 2nd Year

YEAR 2 - Level 5 HND

Unit 9 - Creative Research Project

Unit 10- Advanced Sound Engineering

Unit 11 - Getting the Right Deal

Unit 12 - Advanced Music Production

Unit 13 - Advanced Sound Design for Interactive Media

Unit 14 - Mixing and Mastering

Unit 15 - Live Mixing


Total Credits: 210+

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses (Level 4/5)

Level 4 courses come in the form of 1st year of a bachelor's programme or HNC (Higher National Certificate). Depending on the type of associate degree a student may be able to start their 2nd year of bachelors (The course must be the same as the one they are applying for)

Level 5 courses come in the form of the 2nd year of a bachelor's programmes or an HND (Higher National Diploma). Depending on the type of associate degree a student may be able to start their 3rd year of bachelors (The course must be the same as the one they are applying for). 

Graduate Course

Graduate Course (Level 6)

 Level 6 courses are the final component of a bachelor’s degree.

On successful completion of this course, there is the opportunity to join the third year of a relevant honors degree course. You may also be able to gain employment in a Music Production or related industry.

Students who successfully completed Higher National Diploma in Music Production qualification can progress onto Degree Top-Up programme at many universities such as York St. John University, Liverpool Hope University, University of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire New University, Teesside University, University of Sunderland, Buckinghamshire New University, University of Huddersfield, London Metropolitan University, Oxford Brookes University, University of Gloucestershire, University of Worcester, University of South Wales, etc.


Variety of Methods

The assessment utilizes a variety of methods including; assignments, presentations, and projects. Many will be based on the application of knowledge and skills obtained in both the Music Technology studios but also the student's own resources. All students will receive regular feedback on their work and progress from their tutors. The qualification will be graded at Pass, Merit, and Distinction

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